Stylish Cement Project

Role: Graphic Designer // UI Designer // Photographer // Website Designer
Tools used: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, WordPress, mailchimp

I truly enjoyed every minute working on this Stylish Cement project. As sole designer and creative, I had the freedom to explore many different avenues of design before deciding on the final look-and-feel of this project with the owners of the company.

The business owners wanted a fresh feel to their product. The main products featured are all made from cement, so we had to brainstorm and come up with ways of showing the user that cement can be beautiful and it can be used as décor in a home.

We introduced some greenery into the theme and ultimately I conducted a full photoshoot of the products. There are some sample images of the photoshoot available to view above.

After the photoshoot, I designed and put together a colour palette. The colours needed to be soft and give a soft and luxury feel. Thereafter, I designed various logo options before finally choosing the logo design shown above.

After this, I started building a website for the company. The website was created using WordPress from start to finish and featured some of the products. The main goal for the website, was to act as an online brochure for customers to view the range of products offered.

The website also featured a booking system for clients to book online for classes in making cement décor pieces.

Later, I designed a PDF brochure for the same company which was sent out in email marketing platforms. I used Mailchimp at the time to assist with the distribution. The brochure was also converted to a print-ready CMYK file which was printed and distributed in the neighborhood the company was based.

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