Sweet Joy wedding cakes

Joy is a very dear friend to me. She has a very successful wedding cake bakery and last year she asked if I could help her by giving her brand a bit of an upgrade and a revamp.

I created a selection of brand new logo designs for Joy that she could use on different areas and for different purposes. Although the logo’s are all slightly different, they still feature the same floral elements, typography and style and therefore, they still seem cohesive and on-brand.

I also created a new colour palette which hints towards the brands favourite colours. Soft pastels always give me so much joy.

Logo Design

Colour palette

I also built Joy a brand new user-friendly and user-centric website. This WordPress website acts as portfolio for wedding couples to view Joy’s beautiful work. Couples can also get in touch with Joy via her website.

The best part is that I was able to teach Joy the basics of WordPress and now she is able to update and change details on her own website.

Website design

Information Architecture

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