Busy Bee Designs

Busy Bee Designs is a wedding stationery supplier based in England, UK.

To start of with, this project included logo design and colour palette development.

Logo Design

Colour Palette

Image Style

The second step in this project was creating graphics for all the stationery sets to feature on the website.
I created a simple layout that worked well for all the sets and created cohesive graphics for all the stationery sets. See examples:

Information Architecture – Website

E-commerce website design

The third step: I designed a WordPress e-commerce website for Busy Bee Designs. All the products are featured on the website and it’s easy for users to navigate, add-to-cart and checkout on the website.

The website is also mobile friendly and functions well on a small screen.

Visit Busy Bee Designs to view their full profile and products.

Social media Content Creation

I also created some social media content for Busy Bee Designs. This included content for Instagram as can be seen below. I created some superimposed graphics of the stationery on a plain marble tabletop background.

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