Red Viking Coffee Co

Role: UI Designer // Graphic Designer // Website Designer // Photographer
Tools used: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Lightroom, WordPress

Red Viking Coffee Co specializes in selling coffee from the best sources across the world to the South African market. I was appointed lead designer on the project when the company was a start-up in 2021.

The project was super fun and included many exciting design elements which brought together the brand a whole.

The owner had a very specific theme in mind which included Vikings and weapons. The first step in the design process was creating a logo. We needed to create a logo where the main elements would stay the same, while being able to change the colour element for each type of coffee.

We ended up with red as the “dark roast coffee blend” colour, blue for decaf and yellow for single origin coffee from various areas across the world. We included a flag in the design to show the user where the coffee originated from on first glance.

I also created some alternative logo’s to use on mugs and merchandise.

The next step in my process was creating the labels for each type of coffee. Once the labels had been approved, they went off to print and we could prep some samples for our upcoming photoshoot.

Each label had 2 varieties: 1kg and 250g

After this, we set up for the photoshoot and took some pretty awesome photos using the merchandise, samples and the clients very own gun collection.

The last step in this project was building the website for the client. The website was built in WordPress. This e-commerce site features all the products in an online store that is easy to navigate and user-centric.

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